About Me

Hello! I’m Aaron, a Singaporean student currently studying in a junior college.

I tinker with code as a hobby. You can find my projects on GitHub.

I’ve worked on various Discord bot projects, including haru (discontinued) and Tatsumaki.

My desire in life is to never stop learning, and to continuously pick up new skills throughout my adventures.

My other hobbies include playing the piano, vibing with music, playing video games and surfing the web for stuff to learn. You can add me on Steam and check out what I’m listening to on Last.fm. While now I rarely allocate time for weeb-related activities, you can see what anime I used to watch on Kitsu.

Recently, I’ve been trying to learn the ways of GMing in D&D 5e so I can embark on fantasy quests with my friends. I’ve also been studying Technical Analysis for future money-making pursuits.

Interested in being friends, or just want to stop for a chat? I’m usually active on Telegram.